The Netherlands

The Healthy Generation – Growing up safe

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on addressing profound childhood experiences, including child abuse and domestic violence. Yet we have not yet seen a decrease in the numbers of parents and children affected. Investing in comprehensive prevention is necessary to prevent stress from accumulating in families, which can lead to insecurity.

“Growing up safe is therefore a fundamental part of the Healthy Generation program. It aims not only to prevent radical childhood experiences, but also to ensure that children who go through them do not exhibit unhealthy behavior and suffer health damage. The program is committed to long-term and structural change, empowering both parents and children. This is a unique collaboration between the Collaborating Health Funds (SGF), Augeo Foundation and a collective of eleven youth and wealth funds.

Het Vergeten Kind

For years we have supported the Heppie Hotel in Mierlo, part of Het Vergeten Kind.

Because in our country live thousands of children who are struggling because they cannot develop safely due to an unsafe, unstable home situation. Or even can no longer live at home. These children are enormously vulnerable and need a place where they can let go of their worries and fears for a while. They can do that at Hotel Heppie in Mierlo.