Ongoing projects

Link to Progress

Our partner Link to Progress [LTP] has been active in Northern Uganda since 2007. We have been supporting them since 2017.

In recent years, LTP has developed an integrated approach in which, with the schools at the center, they support the communities around them to improve their living conditions and life chances. Among other things, they do this through their established WASH program in which people get access to clean drinking water, setting up savings and loan groups, health camps, improving nutrition by setting up school lunches, etc.

The founder of LTP is TGS Netherlands. TGS Netherlands merged with FEMI in 2016. Now it is a named fund under FEMI. This gives FEMI the chairmanship role within the local board of LTP Uganda. In the coming years, the goal is to transfer this role so that the board will consist entirely of Ugandans.


With the donations we make to 100Weeks, a number of loan groups set up by LTP are included in 100Weeks’ direct cash transfer program. LTP has now been trained by 100Weeks, allowing them to begin to connect the more than 700 groups they have set up over all these years. In addition, part of our donation to 100Weeks is used as ‘learning money’; for us to be able to actively engage and inform our partners about the principle of direct cash transfers, and for 100Weeks to be able to continue to innovate where necessary.


Our 3rd partner is WISE, a small CBO active in southwestern Uganda. originally set up by a group of students wanting to work against poverty in their own communities. It is a small initiative with which collaboration has only just begun.

Zero-Kap projects

IMDC – Kasese

Loan to Integrated Development for Marginalized Community for a chicken and pig farm, selling chickens, eggs and pigs to farmers in Kasese district. Also for extension of pens and increase in number of animals.

Life Link Foundation (LLF) – Bundibugyo

An MFI that provides loans to poorer women who grow cocoa and other agricultural products to grow more. Main reason for the loan is to shut out agencies that charge usurious interest rates to individual farmers. In addition, the loan reduces chances of HIV/AIDS spread, as women are also still sometimes forced into sexual quid pro quo in exchange for a loan.

MIWODIF – Mitooma

Loan for income enhancement through coffee plant production improvement.